Re: NEWBIE: newbie flag

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/16/96

> ok, so we have the newbie flag (just put it in and it compiled fine),
> so we just add the value of the flag to the value of the item type
> e.g. if ITEM_NEWBIE is 24, and ITEM_ARMOR is 9, than the type flag
> would be 33 (otherwise, how does it distinguish newbie armor from
> a newbie weapon, etc)?  or do we use it in the "extra bitvector" field?
> (in which case i suppose we have to calculate 2^24 and add it to that
> field in the .obj files...)

Ok, in stock circle, put the ITEM_NEWBIE as
#define ITEM_NEWBIE     ( 1 << 17)
right after ITEM_NOSELL iun the extra object flags.  This is the exrtra 
bitvector flags.  

That is where I meant ot put it...sorry I didn't clarify that.  Don't 
worry about caclulating the 2^17...I never use them, I prefer letters.  
That one would be 'q'.

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