From: Brian Williams - Nashak (bmw@efn.org)
Date: 07/16/96

I was wondering.. how would you make new TAR_CHAR things for spells.. 
like TAR_CHAR_WORLD.. how about TAR_CHAR_ZONE.. so you could only summon 
people in yer zone.. only dimdoor to ppl in yer zone.. instead of 
anywhere in the mud? make it a lot harder to get to far away zones... etc..
also, I am most likely going to take out charm, and clone, and a few 
other things.. and make stone skin.. stone skin'll do like in D&D.. 1 hit 
per 3 levels.. + 1d4.. :P so a level 50 mage could take up to 20 attacks 
at 0 damage each! =).. anyways.. just an idea/question.. I wanna make 
TAR_CHAR_ZONE.. <unless it's already in and I am just too stupid to look>

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