Re: Moving to a different OS

From: Chris Grantham (
Date: 07/17/96

Feel free to flame me if I'm mis-quoting the docs, but Sun's compiler (cc)
doesn't do ansi c and it's version that does costs $$ so most admins don't
get it. You have to give yourself the headache of installing or getting your
admin to install gcc. However, once you hit that milestone, you shouldn't
have any problems re compiling.

Have fun (and good luck),

At 06:34 PM 7/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I am moving my mud to it's permanent site in a few weeks, and was wondering
>what all I need to do. It is on a Linux system now and is going to SUN OS,
>(4.5 I believe) Is it a good idea to rerun configure and recompile my modified
>code or start with a new version? Is it possible I will get a ration of errors
>from the code somehow? (I mean would some code in linux compile that might not
>under sun OS, maybe a pickier compiler or something?)
>What I want to do is just unzip/untar a cherry version of circle, (my
circle dir
>is messier than my room so i wanna clean house the easy way) dump my source 
>files into the /src dir and then compile.
>Any suggestions?

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