Re: Falling from Air Rooms

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/17/96

> Perform the check in act.movement.c the same way you check if a room is a 
> dt, check if the player is supposed to fall....  ie, if !IS_AFFECTED(ch, 
> AFF_FLY) or whatever...

The problem with having it there is a spell like teleport, portal or a 
god, can easily move a character and not have to do the do_simple_move 
function.  That is why the char_to_room function would be a better spot.  
It would check the instants, as it doesn't require that a character has 
to walk there, and doesn't need to actually fly there.

> I have a similar thing, for scatter traps, the instant a player walks in 
> they are forced to leave by a random exit.  The interesting application 
> is rooms that are all scatter trapped, with only one exit.. down.. giving 
> a "falling" sequence before a dt at the end :)

You are mean!  My favourite quality in a coder.  :)

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