Re: Coder Needed

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 07/18/96

> > Me and the other Imms at our MUD need a coder for full/part time duites.
> > You will first start off as an immortal, then become a God and so forth.
> > Needs to know circle code and has to be willing to accept other's ideas.
> > Visit the MUD for further info.

heck, anyone saying that, I'd just laugh at...

> Just for all of you to chuckle at, I actually decided to help these poor
> souls out by coding for them while my machine is down.  I went on, they
> made me level 33 (I laughed at that, but didn't really care.  Let them
> have their ego trips) and gave me account access.

> It just goes to show that some people are really ungrateful.  I wish them
> luck, but seeing as only one of them has any prior immort experience, I
> don't expect much.

wow, you're very forgiving...  I'd just say...  screw them  :-)

It's kind of silly that as many people as there are who say they want
skilled coders, don't know what to do when they get one, or else they take
their code and kick them off...  Of course with a god crew like that,
their muds will probably go downhill faster than you can measure anyway.

Reign of Towers

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