Re: docs

From: Alex (
Date: 07/18/96

On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, David E. Berthiaume Jr. wrote:
> I was planning on releasing a race.doc for circle 3.00 pl 11, which
> would include code snippets and other such stuff. and was gonna throw
> on my now non-existant home page which will soon raise from extinction
Well, there is a semi-complete race.doc file on the ftp2 server,
but unfortunately, that server is down right at this moment.  Also,
there is a code snippets page in existence already... and once I
talk to Jeremy about everything going on (when he gets back), I'm
thinking of putting it right on the circlemud www server itself,
with the possibility of a mirror elsewhere that I can update as
needed... the current snippets is located at:

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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