Re: A plan for P-Killing

From: Dann Fuller (
Date: 07/18/96

On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Ryan A.J. Biggs wrote:

> > Basically, I want to have a mob/'guild' of mobs who will check every so 
> > often, and if someone has the P-theif flag set (or I'll put that in, too, 
> > since it doesn't seem to be working right) then the mob will start 
> > hunting the PC in question.  
> could work that into the cityguards too.

True, but the Cityguards are little trouble for a 30th level Fighter, 
which is why I need the higher level mobs.  :)

> > I saw something like this on a Diku years ago, as a group of mobs called 
> > the Huntresses, and I loved it.  Sadly, I don't remember the MUDs name, 
> > or if it was stock Diku (I'd think not), so I can't just look at that 
> > source.  
> I like the idea!  If you can't find one, do not be discouraged, I think 
> that I will work on one myself.

No discouragement here.  I was just looking for different views on how 
this has been done/could be done, and I've gotten them, which is cool.

> > Has anyone implemented a system like I described above?  I like to get 
> > other people's thoughts before I dive into something, in case they see 
> > things in a different way.  Doing that saved me a lot of trouble when I 
> > put in my zone command, and the players dig it much.  
> Not yet, but you gave me an idea for another little bit of fun...hired 
> mob assassins.  YOu hire a mob to kill a player.  As you can guess, this 
> one could create some interesting fun.

Ouch.  That's pretty evil.  :)


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:P > I added a new class (Knight) successfully, but now, when it tries to use 
:P > any of the warrior skills (like kick), the mud won't let it (please leave 
:P > the martial arts to the fighters).  Does anyone know what I have to edit 
:P > to fix this?  Thanks you.

also, your test character has to be high enough level to use the skill
i.e. if it is a level 10 skill and you have a level 5 knight, it
should generate that message.  (shouldn't it? =)

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