*FLAME* Re: Is 3.0 out yet?

From: Chris Grantham (casper@optima.mme.wsu.edu)
Date: 07/18/96

I'll be nice and not flame you... too much.

RTFF! (Read the frickin FAQ!)

I believe it says:


Is Circle 3.0 out yet?


NO! Don't ask again! It will be posted on the web page and the mailing list
as soon as it is.

Now, I'm sure, even though you've probably only been on the list for 3
minutes that you'd already know if it is out. PLEASE ppl.. RTFF and don't
immediately post your Duh questions unless you know it prolly hasn't been
asked in a couple of weeks.

Well, I think I was rather nice.. I can't wait to see what others say =)

Your sincere evil one,


P.S. in the faq it says to `code' your posts.. I like that idea.. I propose
a new one.. the one I used for annoying posts like the one I'm replying to.
At 01:28 PM 7/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Is 3.0 out yet? the ftp site and web pager are very bogged.

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