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Date: 07/18/96

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Is there any particular place I can find instructions on adding spells to 
circle30bpl11?  I have several I'd like to add but I can't seem to figure out 
exactly how it to do it.

The one that it seems will be the most difficult is familiar.

What I want it to do is this.

1.) basically create a random pet from a list.
2.) as long as the pet lives/follows the caster gets a bonus in relation to the
    size of the pet.
	a.) his/her mana
	b.) his/her hp
	c.) his/her con.
	d.) combat assistance from the pet.
3.) limit the spell by only allowing the caster to use the spell once per
    mud year.
4.) limit the spell by only allowing it to be cast if the caster has several
    specific items in their inv.

A side issue would be to have the pet stay with the user after the user
quits and saves.

here is how I think I can do it.

using part of the pet_shop code create the pet and charm it.

somehow set the aff bits on the char based on the pets size position on 
an array so that each stat is boosted within a range.  eg a kitten would give
5 to 9 mana but a goat may give as much as 15 to 20 mana ect.

create a CAST_FAMILLIAR flag for the char and set it even if the spell fails

check the inv of the char <probably with shop code snippets again> for spell
items.  if they have them good cast the spell.  if they don't set the bit
anyway <gr> and tell them the spell failed

set the spell success to approx 66% chance of success.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and if you are interested please let me

Bill aka Fireleaf

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                                    -Elwartowski W. L.
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