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From: Matthew Kalinski (
Date: 07/18/96


I have been forced to think bout adding a affected_type for rooms.l. (well 
same sorta thing neways)...

I need to ask if ne1 has attempted this or done this and what porbs they faced ??
coz at mo the only small prob i can think of is the updating of rooms..
ie updating 20k rooms.. :P but this can be solved by making a linked list
of affected rooms.... neway thats all i really came across and b4 implementing
i tot id ask if ne1 has done it just to well get idea of unforseen probs..

Thanks in advance


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given how many times people come along asking about adding levels,
races, etc.  i have to ask if anybody has put together docs for any of
if not, i would be willing to do so (this weekend, not today ;)
with guidelines for adding levels, races, new classes, new skills and
new spells, but that's about all i could do - i'm still a fairly
newbie coder myself (heh... the blind leading the blind :)   but i've
got all those things figured out and working on my mud, so i believe i
can safely do docs for them. 

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