Rerollin stats

From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 07/18/96

Ok this is a quick how to off the top of my head.

Ad something like this 

#define CON_STAT_CNFRM	      (Number)

underneath this somewhere

#define CON_NAME_CNFRM         3

now either find the code where it originally sets up a new charactesr 
stats.  ( I believe handler.c, may be interpreter.c but I don't think so.)
put a while loop into the interpreter.c in the log in for new characters 
that looks something like this

display stats
while (VARIABLE != 'y') || (VARIABLE != 'Y') {
reroll stats
display stats

continue with creating character.

That will do it.  I know I didn't give you exact code, but you should be 
able to fill the rest in yourself.

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