Re: Assassins

From: Sergey Katsev (
Date: 07/18/96

You say that they all have to be assassins.  How do I make them all 
assassins?  Also, even if the mobs are not assassins, shouldn't the hire 
commend still be recognized instead of having the respornce of "huh?"

On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, Ryan A.J. Biggs wrote:

> > I assigned the spec_proc to my shopkeeper.  Now, how do I actually assign 
> > an assasin mob?  Plase help (after all, it IS your code).  Thanks
> First ff, this spec is assigned like the pet shop, as a room, not a mob.
> ASSIGNROOM(3031, assassin);
> or whatever room vnum you use.  Next, at vnum+1, make all the mobs you  
> want to be the assassins.  So say your assassin hire spot was 3050.  Put 
> a room (with no exits or entrance) at 3051.  Have all the assassins load 
> there.
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