Re: Falling through Air Rooms...there has to be a better way...

From: Charles Canning (
Date: 07/19/96


Are you sure you want to give players time to react? In r/l, a great fall
would happen fairly quickly and to concentrate enough to cast a spell or 
almost anything else seems unreasonable. I am not sure exactly how you 
could go about slowing down the process, but i have seen it done on a 
sillymud (maybe even base code). If there is someone here familiar with 
that or if they have access to the code, they may be able to check for you.


Crom of Dragon'Spire

>    No, you are correct I do not account for anyone being able to cast a
> 'fly' or 'feather fall' spell while falling.  I'm not entirely happy
> with the way the code is working right now.  The while loop pretty much
> makes impacting the ground pretty much instantaneos.  I would prefer a
> method by which the character would fall through each room with a slight
> delay (one second?) in each room and still be able to react (if fast
> enough).  The way the code is set up now it just 'throws' the character
> through each room until they impact something or run out of down
> exists. 	   Does anyone have any idea how I can go about making it so
> that character would fall in the manner I described above?  I was
> thinking of maybe adding an AFF_FALL flag that would be checked
> (somehow?!?) and force the character through the down exists. I'm just
> not sure how to go about making the character fall and still giving them
> time to react while at the same time not bogging down the MUD in
> needless calculations.  I could add something into heart_beat() that
> would check each character for an AFF_FALL flag but I think that would
> slow the MUD down tremendously.
>    Anyone have any ideas?  I wouldn't mind working on it and reposting
> any improvements I make to the code.  I think this is a feature a lot of
> people would be interested in getting :)
> -Brian 
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