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From: Alexander van Koppen (
Date: 07/20/96

Hi !

> I need to know how would I go about converting the number ASTERISK(ch)
> would come up with into that many *'s, without massive amounts of saying
> if (ASTERISK(ch) == 50) blah blah
> if (ASTERISK(ch) == 49) blah blah
> if (ASTERISK(ch) == 48) blah blah etc.......?
> If anyone understands what I'm trying to say please help :~(

Try this:


char *tmp[64]; /* You could also use 51, but this way we are on the safe 
                  side (sometimes the current hits are the higher ones) */
int i;


for (i = 0; i < 64; i++)
  tmp[i] = '*';

tmp[ASTERISK(ch)] = 0; /* ASTERISK(ch)+1 ??? */

sprintf(buf,"[ %s ]\n\r", tmp);

send_to_char(buf, ch);


Hope this helps :)

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ok, ready to go, except for one problem... (see the end of this letter)

here's what with it - if you don't like something, comment it out :P

from the ftp site ( :
* alias (be sure to create the /lib/plralias subdir - i included the 
readme file for aliases, so read it! :)
* autoeq.pl11
* cleric.c
* do_scan.c
* ident
* new.do_who
* newbie_eq
* portal spell (using object 31 as the portal - see the portal.spell 
file included with this distribution)
* relocate spell
* wpn.w.spell

from the snippets page ( :
* abbreviations
* autolooting

from me:
* Fly spell.
* Immorts can drop cursed eq.
* Immorts can cast spells in no-magic rooms.
* Immune_fear bit (for those kender lovers out there :)
* New directions (nw, ne, sw, se, in and out - the latter two being
intended for 4 dimensional areas, but can be used for other things
if you prefer ;)
* Primitive language support - basically, only the say command is really
language specific.  You will need to tinker with do_lang_gsay in act.comm.c, 
as well as create a do_speaking command (or something to let the player 
change the language they are currently speaking).  Also, you will probably 
want to set it so that they get says in the clear if the know the language 
at all, not just if they are currently speaking it.
Like i said - *primitive* language support ;P

from the mailing list:
* Newbie flag for eq which junks newbie eq when it is dropped.

from malcor:
* grouping multiple objects (e.g.  ( 4) A pair of wings is sitting here.)

from Phoenix MUD:
* autosplit

from "Franco" (on the circle mud mailing list)
* fear spell

bug fixes:
* in do_advance, the message when reducing a charcter's level now goes
to the victim, not the person doing the advancing.
* immortals were allowed to find invisible immortals by doing a where
obj then stating any obj that was carried or worn by someone.
*  the time was off for the amount of time a person has played in the stat 

i'll root out the specific credits and include them in the README
file, and tell people to put them in their credits file on their mud.
don't ask about oasis or other OLC utilities - you'll have to put them
in yourself :P

otherwise, this is the last call for stuff to see in this patched up

the minor bug i mentioned is that memory fault problem i posted about
the other day.  i tried increasing MAX_SKILLS but appearently missed
some stuff that goes along with this.  haven't figured out what all
has to be done to accomodate this, but as soon as i do, i'll put it in
and upload it :)

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