Re: Spell Problem

From: Skylar (
Date: 07/20/96

On Fri, 19 Jul 1996, Franco wrote:

-code snipped-

>         Ok, now before you jump on me for "well, it would depend on a lot of
> stuff", it
> does work when animating just one corpse. However, when it falls into the
> for loop for
> more than one corpse, it will hang. I believe it is the loop conditions
> itself that is
> causing it to crash, but give me some input back on what you see.

I think you need to read_mobile() within the for loop.  It appears that
you're loading only a single skeleton mob and re-putting it in the same
room over and over again, as well as tweaking his stats in the same way
over and over again... ditch the proto and just use the skeleton variable
with read_mobile each loop... at the end of the loop, the var is no longer
needed anyway, since the mob has already been placed in the room and is
done being tweaked.


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