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Date: 07/20/96

well, I forgot the FAQ/Snippets address.. <accidentally deleted my 
notepad file>... anywyas.. will someoneg gimme the address?
danke in advance

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i'm in the process of taking the stock 3.0 pl11 source code and
putting in most of the patches from the ftp site, as well as races and
few minor mods.

if there is interest, before i start really modifying the mud for my
own purposes, i can upload this (Alex? :) as a "patched up stock",
which can save people some time and aggrevation (if they like what
i've patched in ;)

right now, i've got (and i'll keep with the filenames):
wpn.w.spell, ident, cleric.c, do_scan.c, new.do_who, relocate_spell.

i've also put in races (just a few basic ones - human, elf, dwarf,
gnome, hafling), added a fly spell (which lets you move over water),
and made it so immorts can cast spells in nomagic rooms and can ignore
nodrop flags.  

i am also planning on putting in the autoeq patch (i've been having
trouble with the autoeq patch - was a new version uploaded?  i didn't
have any trouble a couple months ago with it.)  and the alias.c.
i can put in the newbie_eq as well, and the arena, if there is demand
for it. 

anybody interested? :)

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