From: Nick B (
Date: 07/20/96

A well organized outline?  Hmm, okay, I'll try to make this organized...

                                SHIP SYSTEM         

I. Outside Attributes(?)
        A. Can be bought and sold at the shipyard, by the starship dealer
                1. Once a ship is bought it is created in a space port (just a 
                   regular room, but the place where all ships in space will
                   land and takeoff. This room is located next to the shipyard)
                2. weapons on the ship can be upgraded and sold
                3. hull can be repaired, at shipyard
        B. Have different different types
        C. Once bought, can only be entered by owner and/or by special key
        D. Entered by the "enter ship" command, appears as object when looked at
           from outside it
II. Inside Attributes(?)
        A. Has multiple rooms
        B. Can be walked around in, and can be BOARDED by other ships(with 
                1. when boarded, it should have a hatch for the other ship to
                   connect to (in which characters walk from ship to ship)
                2. can only be boarded while in space
        C. to move the ship, you must sit at the command console and give just
           plain directional commands
                1. N, S, E, W, and so forth
                2. to leave the planet (get off the ground) you type "takeoff"
                   or something like that, and to land on a planet you type
                3. Once at the command console, the look command looks outside
                   the ship, and the kill command uses the ships weapons
III. Ship types
        A. (just one example) X-Wing
                1. 1,000 movement points (used in space mind you, regenerates)
                2. 5,000 hull points (does not regen, must repair at shipyard)
                3. level 1 lasers
                        a. 20 charges (regenerates like movement points)
                        b. 75-100 point of damage

I think that's about it.  I know it's alot to ask, but I have absolutely no
idea how to implement any of this.  Perhaps some genius Imp could send me a
message (or files) saying the exact lines of code to type in the appropriate
files.  By doing this, it not only gives me my ship system, but I can learn
from the code to implement other things on my own.  BTW, anyone can use my
idea, if you want to. :-)

Nick B  

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