Re: [Circle] Pet Shop

From: Alexander van Koppen (
Date: 07/22/96

Hi !

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, Melen wrote:

> How on earth would I go about limiting the # of pets a player could have?
> Because my mud is still in BETA and the money definately is NOT balanced 
> out yet, some players buy 30+ pets which is HIGHLY annoying ;)

You could add a line in pet_shops() in spec_procs.c which checks if the
player already has a pet (pets have 0 xp, are charmed, and carry 1000
'pounds' and 100 items). Or you could add something like a PRF_PET flag,
which is set once you buy a pet, and is only reset when you quit / rise
a level...

Just my two bits... :)

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