Question about mobs fighting each other

From: Mud Admin (
Date: 07/23/96

I have been saving up my stupid questions, so here goes:

I want to have my MOBs attack and kill each other, as well as PCs. For 
example, the aggressive_evil citygaurds would keep out evil NPCs as well 
as evil PCs. Nice theory, huh? 

So, I go into mobact.c and take the IS_NPC(ch) check from the aggressive 
checks. Now my MUD will crash at random, and I cannot tell why. But this 
is the only code change I have made to stable code.

a) Is there a better way of having fighting MOBs?
b) Is there a way I can tell more about how/what more specifically is 
going wrong that is causing it to crash? I am getting nothing in the 
syslog or anything. Just bang, dead.

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