Re: CODE: Races, Clans, Classes, Tribes, languages and a drunkspeech

From: Limratana (
Date: 07/23/96

> This is madness.  I think the best method of implementing languages is to
> keep them scrambled... if you've got a decent learn by use system going
> all that learn insanity will be taken care of automatically, and people 
> will generally understand more based upon their SKILL in the language...
> ie. it is scrambled 100 - SKILL percent.  The problem with making words
> recognizable is that a good chunk of mudders are also coders, and writing
> a small program or even a tintin script to decode languages based upon
> known words would be fairly simple... then the person passes that little
> tidbit to all his friends, it gets put up on an ftp site or web page, and
> everyone is seeing foriegn laguages in clear text... back to square one.

Indeed it is madness.  :)  I laugh at it everytime i try to rationalize 
what I'm coding... a way to make things look like fake languages... in 
the most accurate way.  And I've thought about people making things to 
decode syllable translation tables, and I didn't want words to look too 
much different each time, so I thought about using dual syllable tables, 
you'd have 2 tables for each language, and the randomness would be places 
upon chooseing which table to use for each word translated.  I didn't.. 
and still don't know much about coding, and thought that it would be hard 
to make a decoder in tintin or anything else... Mostly because some 
syllables will be trasnlated into other syllabes with letters, which 
might have more then one combination.. for instance... 
grublik might mean two different things in english.  Maybe Grub=Hair and
Lik=Net... and also.. maybe Gru=Hel, b=l, ik=o.  So Grubilk could mean 
Hairnet or Hello depending on how you translated it.  But, new to this as 
I am, I'm not sure if this too is easy to decode.

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