Re: CODE: Races, Clans, Classes, Tribes, languages and a drunkspeech

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 07/23/96

On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Limratana wrote:

> Actaully, I haven't seen a any code on how to do languages.  But if I think
> my code is anywhere near decent when I'm done with it, I might post a
> general version of it.


> That's a good idea!  Too bad I won't be having any elves! :)

I know, but it was an example on how to do rhyming or how to build 
dictionaries. If properly implemented it could be adapted to any language...

>   Actually I was thinking of putting all the common fill words in the 
> syllable table with their real eqivalent.  Like 'the' would allways 
> translate to 'le' or la' for French.  I'd have to make sure the it only 
> translates 'the' when it's seprate though.

Yup... that could be done for maybe 100 or 200 most common words, maybe 
even 500, still could be a problem with typos tho'

> Hehehe, I'm not anti-communication in rl.  Just on muds!  I'm trying to
> prevent a lot of "which way is the area with the great eq, and how do you
> kill the monster?"  People will get this kind of info around anyways.. I 
> just don't want it to fill the air too much.  I'll have to see how it 
> goes though.  Players might really get annoyed trying to communicate.

Yeah, maybe they'll find ways around it, but they could be too cumbersome 
to be usable...

So.. you're a building a mud for lonely adventurers or what?..:)


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