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Date: 07/23/96

Ahh.. sorry.. thought he was looking for a wizcommand to do it..


On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, Ryan A.J. Biggs wrote:

> > Couldn't you just do a force <whoever> <direction> ?
> Sure that sounds like a great idea.  What's the address of your MUD?  I
> wanna be on a MUD that allows mortals to use the force command.  <evil
> grin>  Excuse the sarcasm there, I just wanted to point out that he
> wanted the push command for MORTALS, not gods.
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:P       P.S.S. I have also found that if you write it in dos and select it , cut 
:P and paste it in unix that you lose the ^m char but it is a pain in th arse.
:P I've found that transfering the files using ASCII mode strips the ^M's.  Seems to work with both ASCII Zmodem and ASCII FTP.

or, get emacs and do an M-x-replace-string ^Q^M with <cr>

works for me :)

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