CODE: Re: Core Dump, help needed.

From: Billy H. Chan (bhchan@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 07/23/96

On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Jeannette wrote:

> I added races and it was added without any problem.
> I then changed the level of the immortals.  I think that is my problem.
> Because when I enter the mud as a new character at level 1, I have no problem.
> But when I wipe the player file, and enter the mud the first time and get
> assigned
> as an implementor, then the mud reboots.  I changed imms from 160 to 180.  Any
> ideas?  

Sounds like a common outofbounds type of mistake, probably where max byte
unsigned goes up to 256 but a max signed byte goes only up to 127... though
from 160 to 180 shouldn't have made any difference.  use GDB.
-- Billy  H. Chan
   CogSci/CompSci     ResumeInside

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