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From: Gerry Smith (
Date: 07/23/96

Mark Mc Arthey wrote:
> Three cheers for Alex!  Thanks very much for saving a valuable
> resource.  I'm sure many of us really appreciate it.
> Also, thanks to Harald for hosting this list for as long as he
> has.
> I'm glad to see we're still pulling together! :)

Vivat! Thanks, Alex & Harald! I'd like to offer the CircleMud community an additional resource. I've set up an HTML based threaded 
conferencing system (Webboard) on my system here. I've just created a Circlemud Admin, Circlemud Building, and Circlemud Coding 
conferences. I'd like to welcome all mailing list subscribers to use this tool as well as the list. 

To use:
	1. Point your web browser to$webb.exe
	2. You get prompted for a Username and password. Type the username you WANT 
		and the password you WANT then follow the prompts.

	3. Enjoy!

BTW, should these conferences be moderated? If so, volunteers?

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