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From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 07/24/96

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Hi there.  I beleive it is possible to compile Circle MUD 3.0 to run under
Windows 995, but I do not have a compiler to accomplish this.  I was
wondering if you know if there is any place that has a compiled Circle MUD
3.0 that is capable of running under Windows 95?  I have been looking but
have been unsuccessful in finding such a thing.  Could you point out a site
where I could find a compiled version of Circle MUD 3.0 that runs under
Windows 95?  Thank you for your time.
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	I am new to this list and i was waiting but since someone asked I have ported (or should i say adapted) Circle3.0 to run under windows95. The reason i say adapted is because I don't have MSVC++ and needed to add WinMain and the Proc's that go along with it. The code is close to complete but working. I still want to add a few things to the Windows code and there are a few bugs i have found and need to fix with the code.
	If anyone wants i can post what i did or just send them the code. I can also send an executable if need be. I would like to add a few more features before I do one of these though. If anyone has questions or wants to see what i have regardless of how it looks i would be happy to send it to them or post it to the list for everyone to view.
	I have taken great care to keep the code cross-platform and only need to add a few things to complete this. i do not have unix though so i am not sure as to whether it is still compileable on a unix machine.

Chris the wanna be Creator

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