Re: [Circle] This list

From: Alex (
Date: 07/25/96

From: Harald Evensen <>
Subject: Re: [Circle] This list

> > >Can we please remove the Reply To: field that the list installs to every
> > >post... it makes it kinda impossible to just respond to a person instead of
> > >the whole list.  It is easy to remember the, (or add
> > >"alias circle" to .mailrc in ~/) but remembering the
> > >one persons address is a bit on the difficult side without Xwindows... 
> As a note, this should be fixed now.
Ok, thanks a lot to Alex for taking over the list. Also thanks to the
rest of you who wrote me and said you could run it.
The mailinglist at pvv has now been removed.

regards, Harald

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