[Circle] Ansi save/restore cursor position

From: KLA (anata@iastate.edu)
Date: 07/25/96

Hi folks ..
I have devided the circle screen output to 2 regions using Ansi escape codes ..

Now, I am a little bit confuse about the save/restore cursor code 
how it actually work ? can I save the position 'externally' ?
like assign it to a variable ? so I can retrieve it later ?

Because I need to take care of my cursor position in 2 regions ..

Like for the 1st region .. I saved the cursor position ..
then I go to 2nd region ...after finished .. I restored the cursor
position to bring me back to 1st region ..
but this way, it will mess up the 2nd region .. since I did not saved
the cursor position in 2nd region. If I saved .. I will loss the cursor
position in 1st region 

any hints to solve this problem ?

Hmm .. I hope I am not confuse you guys ..

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