[Circle] Re: [Circle/Newbie] COLOR

From: Ryan Kelley (rkelley@exis.net)
Date: 07/25/96

>*giggle* ok, can someone tell me how circle uses ansi color, ie I am trying
>to do this
>you are facing a red dragon. as you can see this chr is in BIG trouble,
>assuming he had 100 points for h, m, and moves how would I make them red? 

You'd want the prompt "15h|24m|10v>" red? I'm not sure where this is, if you
want the WHOLE prompt red, put KRED in the line for the prompt, so it'd be
something like "sprintf(buf, KRED"%dh|%dm|%dv>"KWHT," (I think, I know squat
about C, but I have managed to get color to work right).  If you want each one
to be a different color, you'd have to put the correct ANSI code where ever
you wanted the color change.

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