From: Leonard Burns IV (lburns@continet.com)
Date: 07/26/96

Well here goes again, I have just spent the last hour messing with the 
source trying to make IDENTIFY a castable spell, all I can get it to do 
is say, "Okay." when its cast, any help?

Also I am looking for a Second Attack skill, I know almost 50% of the 
muds out there have it so someone should be able to get me a copy.

And if someone would be so kind to send a chunk of their roll_abil 
function that allows the user to re-roll and see the scores, it would be 
much appreciated.

BTW-I'm not looking for flames, I'm just having trouble with the code, 
maybe I shouldn't code at 4am anymore. :)

Thanks in advance.
Leonard Burns IV
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