[Circle] CODE Multiple Snoops

From: Wade Hovind (WHovind@epsb.edmonton.ab.ca)
Date: 07/26/96

I would like to make a few changes to the snoop command.

1.  I am a wiz on BL <MUD on CompuServe> and I would like to give players   
the opportunity to snoop other players. <if they have some obscure piece   
of eq>  I know this is not tough..but there is more.

2. I would like to allow a god to snoop multiple players.  To distinguish   
between the snoopees I will use a different character.  An upper limit on   
the number of characters that can be snooped at the same time of probably   
3 or 4.

3. With all this snooping going on...I need to have one character   
snoopable by more than on character.  There is a snooped by pointer for a   
character...am I going to have to change this to a list of some sort?   
 <hoping not>

I will post all code that I manage to get working.  I know that many will   
disagree with the ethics of "all that snooping" but I do want to capture   
some of the flavor of MUD.

<who again wishes that he was not so rusty in C  :)  
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