[Circle] Alex sure is mailing a lot!

From: Jens Malare (raidell@dalnet.se)
Date: 07/26/96

Just thought I should mention that I've got lots of mails from Alex
Fletcher, but he's not the original author of the message. Here's what
many of my headers look like:

From: Alex <fletcher@cspo.queensu.ca>
  To: Circle <circle@cspo.queensu.ca>
Date: 26-Jul-96, at 02:27:27 (48 lines).
Subj: [Circle] SEMI-NEWBIE QUESTION:  Circle Data types??

But the author of the message is Jeff Hanks! (Says so in the .sig anyway. :)
Anyone else experienced this? In that case, why? It wasn't like this before
the site change.

Regards, Jens Malare <raidell@dalnet.se>

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