Re: [Circle] Victim HP

From: Jens Malare (
Date: 07/26/96

>Durring a fight i need to get the victims HP.  I don't know where to get
>this from.  I am going to use this in the prompt. Can someone point me
>in the right direction.


Do something like this:

1) Add a line at the top of function make_prompt in comm.c:

  struct char_data *vict;

2) To get the char_data from the person/mob you're fighting, do:

  vict = FIGHTING(ch);

Then you can use vict the same way as you use ch. Something like:

  int percent;


  percent = (100 * GET_HIT(vict) / GET_MAX_HIT(vict))

I hope this helped a tiny bit anyway.. :)

Regards, Jens Malare <>

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