[Circle] [Avail. Positions] TrekMUD

From: Chris Grantham (casper@optima.mme.wsu.edu)
Date: 07/26/96

There are still the following positions available on TrekMUD:

2 - Coder. 1 IMP and 1GRGOD (Equiv. Will be 3 pip admiral and 2 pip Admiral)

                Demonstrate knowledge in C and the workings of Star Trek
(24th         century - mid). Rear Admiral (3 pip) should have 6 months of
coding on         Circle or Diku muds. Vice Admiral (2 pip) should have 2
months of coding         on Circle or Diku. I'm flexible.. show me you know
C and I'll waive the         'on job' exp. req. Knowledge in Linux 1.1.x a +.

4 - Builder. 1 IMP 1 GRGOD 2GOD (Equiv. Will be 3 pip Admiral, 2 pip Admiral
and Captains)

                Demonstrate knowledge in building of Diku style. Send a
small         (15-25 rooms, lots of extra descs.) area based on TNG era to
this         address. YOU MUST BE A TREKKIE! There will be NO stock areas.. 

1 - Admin. 1 GRGOD (Vice Admiral)

                You will be responisble for promotion (Only 7 Mortal levels
on this (Federation.. Klingons and Romulans and Cardassians might have
more.. lets not forget our friends with the thing for ears.. hehehe))
because that's how you level on TrekMUd along with myself and possibly one

Please, if you like Star Trek this is gonna be THE mud on it..

Admiral of the Fleet,


    \      Chris Grantham (aka Zxoi)
    /      casper@optima.mme.wsu.edu

                  TrekMUD               /
                Coming soon!            \

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