Re: [Circle] Cresting a boat

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 07/27/96

> I want to have a large boat that travels on a set pattern and
> makes stops at three ports and waits two hours for passengers
> at each stop.
> Now if I wanted a single room boat I would code the boat
> as an enterable object and just assign it a spec_procs right?
> How would I do this for a several room boat, using world files?
> Thanks,
> Chuck

   Here's how I've seen that done before.
   Make a "boat captian" or what have you, and have them have a spec_proc 
that transfers everyone in the room to the next stop on the line, waits 2 
hours, then goes again...
   And have him say at some appropriate times "<sometime> still we set 
sail, all aboard"


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