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From: Greg Kelly (
Date: 07/27/96

ok...if he post some code, then everyone who muds is really 
just a collection of snippets will just continue pop it right in....its 
funny how people just take every snippet brought to them and 
through it in. That is why there are so many muds that are 
exactly the i'm not saying don't take any snippets, 
because i have myself, but is that is this mailing list is?
A place to post code and take it in return, so everyone one the 
cirlemud mailing list has the exact same mud? I don't think so.
thsi list _should_ contain discussion on coding, muds in general, 
implementing muds, and also be a place to turn to when that 
bug from hell just won't go away :). if all you are here for is to
cut and paste code, your missing the entire point of the list...

sorry about my bad spelling, grammar and such. just needed to get
that off my chest.....


Limratana wrote:
> I don't know where the hell you get off trying to start another damn
> discussion.  Learn to post some code
> int i;
> float j;
> for (i=0;;j--)
> {j++}
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