Re: [Circle]Parsing problem

From: Sammy (
Date: 07/29/96

On Sun, 28 Jul 1996, Lost Empire wrote:

> I have been coding for about a week now, and noticed something
> yesterday. I tried to stat the green genuwhatever blob, and only one of
> its aliases worked, green, the first one. I then experimented and tried
> it on several mobs and oBjs, and found the same true in every case. I
> checked out db.c and looked in the parsing functions, and noticed that i
> had never touched these founctions before. In fact, the only change 
> have ever made to db.c is when i added obuild. Anyone have any insites
> or ideas on how i can fix this, or what i may have done?

Sounds like you added the abbreviation snippet from Alex's snippet 
collection.  That code replaces isname with is_abbrev, which only checks 
the beginning of a string for target text.  That's probably why only the 
first alias works.

Someone posted a replacement for insname with abbreviations that I'm 
using now.  It's been working great for the past week or two with no 
noticeable problems.

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