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From: zeke (
Date: 07/29/96

At 12:19 AM 7/28/96 -0700, you wrote:
>        You know, I think your missing the point. There is a difference,
>at least in my eyes, and its called effort. If your a new coder, an old
>coder, a teacher of basketweaving, its all the same. If someone wants a
>hand at making an improvement, or building a ship proc, there is a correct
>way and an incorrect way to go about bring it up.
>        Here is something I would respond to:
>"Ok, the following is what im trying to accomplish:
>  Blah blah blah.
> Now, I'm new at this, and this may be 180 degrees off, but this
> is what I think i need to do:
> -->paste attempted code here, or at least part
> Now, this is the output I get, and the compiler errors i get, ect, ect.
> Can anyone help?"
>        Here is something I would not respond to:
>"Ok, this is what i am looking for:
>  blah blah blah.
> Anyone done this or can they give me advice or
> give me their code?"
>        It would seem to me that example 1 shows that effort has been
>made, and even if its 100% wrong, it still shows, "damn, this guy took a
>good try, and he got his hands dirty. Hes on to something here..". Example 2
>shows me "This guy may have tried, or may be freeloading...". And it is always
>easier to reply to errors if the added lines are avail to look at ("gee, there
>is your error, forgot to increment this value") rather than guessing ("I tried
>to add SKILL_DUALATTACK and get compiler errors...anyone help?").
>        Just my $.02
>                Franco
I'm not missing the point, I agree that showing some code would show that
*said* person actually tried to figure out what he needed to do for his
problem but at one point I knew didley about binary file I/O and there was
no way in hell I would ever go near db.c and try to change something.  So
with that in mind if I asked a question on exactly what function in db.c
would I edit to add whatever to my mud, would you think of me a a
freeloader.  I mean come on now, we need to quit being so uptight.  So what
if someone is freeloading, maybe that freeloading they do will lead to them
actually learning the code and then in turn being able to help you with one
of their problems.  And you know, I'd love to list compile errors and
everything but it's a bitch to get all of that into a file, transfer it to
my dos partition and then import it into Eudora.  But you are right, I would
be more apt to help someone who shows that they've actually tried to do what
they're asking, and even if they haven't actually tried to imp it
themselves, as long as they show that they have actually put some thought
into it(and I don't mean 'Hey, I saw a mud with Identify on it, how can I
add this to my mud') I'd be more then happy to help.  Well that's just how I
fell.  BTW(this is way of topic but more code related)

Has anyone else noticed the SPECIAL(pray_for_?) in the assign room specials
at the bottom of spec_assign.c

I noticed this while thumbing throught the files and couldn't find where the
special is defined, if it is defined.  


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