Re: [Circle] Multiple coders

From: Jorge Guilherme (
Date: 07/29/96

On Fri, 26 Jul 1996, Mark Mc Arthey wrote:

> Good Evening all (or morning as the case may be),
> How do you handle modifications and patches made to source code?

 This is a UNIX solution, even a 1 coder team could/should do: use diff.
 If all the coders have a directorie with the finished code/binaries/world
files/player files that are exactelly the same and work on a second
directorie, diferent for each of the coders, then they can do a "diff
-u generaldir >patch.coder1.diff" and send it to all the other coders.
 Then all the coders will aply that patch with "patch <patch.coder1.diff"
on the general directorie.
 Actually it will be a litle more complicated than that but you'll get the

      Jorge Guilherme

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