[Circle] Bits and EXP losses

From: Melen (melen@melen.acmenet.net)
Date: 07/31/96

I'm not understanding the bits thing. Lemme show you an example. This is 
the code for losing exp when you die:

     gain_exp(ch, -(GET_EXP(ch) >> 1));

Ok, lets say the player has 393901 experience points when he dies. Now... 
Does this mean that it moves the pointer or whatever 1 step to the right? 
So, he would lose 93901 exp??? If so, would GET_EXP(ch) >> 2 cause him to 
lose only 3901???
If not, could someone explain that to me. Please no 'get a C book' 
responses and/or flames. It just spams the list and it's very immature.

Allanthya MUD
mad.eshores.com port 4000
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