Re: [Circle] Compiling on HP-UX A.09.05

From: Yoink! (
Date: 07/31/96

On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, Alexander van Koppen wrote:

> Hmm, must have missed your original mail, as I also compiled circle on a
> HP-UX once... Well...
> (P.S. The errors shouldn't occur if you use circle 3.0)

Nah, can't do that.  Wish i could.

> > 	gcc -c -O2    comm.c
> > comm.c: In function `get_avail_descs':
> > comm.c:175: `RLIM_INFINITY' undeclared (first use this function)
> > comm.c:175: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> > comm.c:175: for each function it appears in.)
> > comm.c: In function `game_loop':
> Try a '#define RLIM_INFINITY 555' or something like that (should help,
> but might not) or take a look at what 'man' says about file-descriptors
> (getrlimit) and change get_avail_descs accordingly, or simply set max_descs
> by hand (100 or so, depends on number of players allowed on the mud sim-
> ultaneously) and comment out all the code that tries to change it... 

I'm sure that i just need some soul to help me figure out how to referece
the proper socket library.

> For these warnings, just put a '(void *)' before all pointer args in each
> 'select' function call (or replace '0' with 'NULL' if appropriate). 

> > comm.c: In function `nonblock':
> > comm.c:1332: `FNDELAY' undeclared (first use this function)
> > *** Error code 1
> Hmm, don't know this... (and can't find it...)
> > This is, as seen in the header, a Hewlett-Packard UX System, version 9.05
> > BTW, this is a circle 2.2/diku hack.

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