[Circle] Sending Message to an array of room vnums

From: linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 07/31/96

Let me first describe the goal here:

I have a 15 room ship, rooms 10100 to 10114. I want to
assign one spec_proc to room 10100, but I want it to
send messages to all 14 rooms. Is this possible?

Here is what I am trying:

for(i = 0; i < 15; i++) {
  send_to_room("the message", real_room(10100 + i);

I have also tried:

for(i = 10100; i < 10114; i++) {
  send_to_room("the message", real_room(i);

But I have only been able to send the message to the first
room only.

Can this work somehow or do I need a spec_proc for each room? And
if I need to assign a spec_proc to each room, how can I go about
writing just one spec_proc and assigning it to each room? (I have
to use a send_to_room("message", real_room(the room number))

Thaks for any help,

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