Re: [Circle] New way of dying...

From: Lost Empire (
Date: 08/06/96

Steve wrote:
> That would be horrible to players. Could you imagine how many names >you'd have after a few months of play? And what about accidental PKs? >What I've implemented, is for every PK (depending on your level) you >will have a chance of losing 1 pt of CON. When your con reaches 0 >you're deleted. But you can then create a new character again.
> As a player I find it annoying when I connect to a new mud, which I >see as a possible "good mud" to mud on, and find out my name is taken. >I do have alternates, but if they're all taken I just blow the mud off. >And even with anti-PK rules, you're gonna end up with a high number of >names in the banned list.
> Steve
I think this is a great idea, but instead of losing con, why not lose
some cha, i mean, it would finnally add some good use to the stat! The
only question i have for you is on your mud, what do you have to prevent
high level players from whipping out all the weaker ones?

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