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From: Brian Williams - Nashak (
Date: 08/07/96

well, I re-did damage messages, so that like if yer doing 100 damage to a 
mob with 200 billion hit points, you don't OBLITERATE him.. you simply 
tickle him.. and once you start doing a larger percentile of their 
hitpoint worth of damage, you start to extremerely hard, etc, etc.. like 
in Sojourn.. how instead of seeing OBLITERATE every hit, you see tickle 
tickle tickle, barely.. etc etc.. I like it cuz' it's more variety, and 
you can tell how bad you are hurting a mob..

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On Wed, 7 Aug 1996 wrote:

> actually, i think both of you are missing the abstraction represented
> by HIT POINTS! :D  (and a *lot* of people do, check out
> to see ;)
> (armor class is a whole other abstraction, and a whole other
> discussion, but hp are the more important of the two, and since D&D is
> the basis for most mud's, so it is worth discussing)
> when the orc "hits" you for two *hit points* of "damage", he (it?) is
> not necessarily inflicting physical, bodily damage on the person being
> hit (unless the DM wants him to be :)
> it is a measure of things like stamina, quickness, etc.  and as you
> take "damage", you become more fatigued, slow down, generally become
> less able to protect yourself, until finally, with only a few hp left,
> you are unable to block (whether you were too tired to block it, too
> fatigued to see it coming, or whatver) that incoming blow aimed at your
> head/heart/whatever that kills you :P 
> (this explanation invalidates the entire damage message system... <g>)
> and even if you don't like that explanation, even in the heaviest
> armor you are still vulnerable to concussive damage, so maybe that orc
> was using the flat of his blade, or the pommel :P
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