[Circle] Hiding objs

From: malcor (malcor@cyberportal.net)
Date: 08/10/96

I think this is an easy one i am just missing and arg in comm.c but i 
can't seem to figure out how to put it in :(

I made a flagg for items to be hidden. i.e ITEM_HIDDEN and defined it in 
structs.h. and in utils.h i put a check for it in MORT_CAN_SEE and made a 
#define HIDDEN_OK_OBJ same as invis. i also went into act.informative.c 
and made a case so you can see it (hidden). But when i compile it says
error in comm.c at line 1704 IS_AFFECTED used with one arg 

anybody have any ideas?

line 1704 look like this
 	case 'O':
 1704-->CHECK_NULL(vict_obj, OBJN((struct obj_data *) vict_obj, to));
I think i am missing a variable in the line so that it will include 
hidden stats but i don't know what to put :(

Thanks in advance 

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