Re: [Circle] Suggestion for crossplatform binary format

From: Alex (
Date: 08/13/96

> A much better thing to do (in my opinion) is make ASCII playerfiles, instead
> of one big binary-file.
Of course... this has been talked about lots before... I remember at one
point it was going to be in the code as a toggle-able thing.  In other
words, you wanted ascii pfiles, you set the code 'on' for them, binaries,
you set the code for that... all in the config file.  Don't remember at
all what happened to that.

> Positive:
> +  Fill less [Made one on 2.2 long time ago.. One ascii playerfile filled
>               only 33% of the binary info for a player. Never saw it over
>               45%. And that was even after I added 640 more bytes to the
>               player structure.]
Difference is this:  On a Win95 machine (for example), there are cluster
sizes, so the player record will always take up to the next biggest
cluster, which ends up often making it twice as big (or bigger) than
the binary pfile... unfortuantely.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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<Stupid closed list rules.....*growl*>

	Well, since I have to send this  again I've forgotten exactly 
what I typed the first time, but it went something like this:

	Why not use htons, htonl, and ntohs, ntohl to convert the host 
specific byte ordering to Network Byte Order?  Would you be able to write 
to disk in network byte order? If so then just make some changes to 
char_to_store, store_to_char, and save_char....

	If this won't work, can someone explain to me why not?


	- Sean

Sean Mountcastle
Don't worry over what other people are thinking about you.  They're too
busy worrying over what you are thinking about them.
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