[Circle] [CODE] OLC Help needed

From: annick elziere (aveae@postoffice.ptd.net)
Date: 08/28/96

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    I just added the oasisolc and after everything was patched and compiled,
i ran the mud and went in.  As i was creating a new charactor, i got to
the select a class menu (which has never been a problem before) and when i 
typed in a letter for a selected class, the mud crashes.

    I've spent hours trying to figure out  what is wrong, i've even redone
my interpreter.c because that's where the class creation code is, i'm
totally stumped :(

    If anyone has any suggestions what i can do to figure this one out, or
if oasis has some kind of bug (i'm using pl11, and it says oasis works fine
with that) i could really use the help.

                                    Please send me any kind of suggestion

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