Re: [Circle] [SYSTEM] porting circle to other languages (fwd)

From: John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. (
Date: 08/30/96

> Better yet, maybe I'll compile my CircleMUD code down to assembly
> and transfer it to my TI-85 graphing calculator (with added RAM and a
> bit of external storage space). With a program called ZSHELL, you can
> actually run assembly language programs on the calculator, so the mud
> would be single-user. The only trouble is that I don't think a
> calculator can connect to the internet. Even if it could, what kind
> of domain name does a calculator have?

Well, the TI-85 does have the data connection on the bottom of the 
calculator, you can get a spliter and some extension wire, and wire up a 
LAN for a MUD that way, I am sure that shouldn't take TOO much wire. ;) 
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