Re: Oasis OLC different compile errors

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 09/04/96

On Wed, 4 Sep 1996, Jeannette wrote:

> I am trying to add OasisOLC code to circle 3.0bpl11.  I have checked for any
> *.rej files.  Everything is added correctly.  It compiles with no
> warnings...but the following errors are after the compile.  I have checked
> everything that I can think of.  Anyone have any suggestions or ever seen
> this before?
> interpreter.c:1273: Undefined symbol _oedit_parse referenced from text segment
> olc.c:231: Undefined symbol _medit_setup_existing referenced from text segment

Well, what this 'means' is, that you've included the olc.h file, and thus,
the makefile-util(make)/the compiler/linker expects to find the 'symbols'
in some part of the .o files it includes. When it does NOT find it in any
.o files, it makes the complaints like you see above, like:
filename : Undefined symbol _functionname referenced from text segment...
^-> Any filename that asks for the function specified for, by

Basically this means, that you have not completed/the patch did not add
the appropriate 'stuff' in the makefile (look for a file called: Makefile
in the 'src/' mud directory. You should ask someone else for help on this,
unless you find a Makefile.rej somewhere... My makefile is badly messed
up, and I'm not very good at resolving how to correct a makefile, so ask
someone more intelligent :)

Hope this helps you on the way,

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