Re: [newbie] coding.doc

From: Johan Dustler (
Date: 09/11/96

> Before I start asking a billion questions in this mailing list, I want to
> read all I can about coding MUD.  Unfortunately, my coding.doc file is
> only a partial file <dont ask me why>  and I would like to know where I
> can get it, or if somebody out there could send it to me. 

The text below is taken from README-NOW in the doc library:

"These files contain some of the PRELIMINARY DOCUMENTATION for CircleMUD 3.0.
 They are not yet complete!!  Do not write mail saying that your coding.doc
 has been mysteriously truncated (believe me when I tell you I've gotten 50
 such letters already) -- it just hasn't all been written yet."

The first thing you should do after you have unpacked the mud is to
go through all the libraries and read the READMEs and FAQs that you

After that you can read the documentation and go through the source.
Then you can start your postings.


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