[newbie] [code] compiling circle3 under win95

From: Alan Patefield-Smith (alan@milton.demon.co.uk)
Date: 09/12/96

I recently tried compiling the latest copy of the circle 3 beta at home, so
I can fiddle with the code in my own time.

Unfortunately(?) the system I have is a pentium75 running win95. When I try
to compile using nmake (ms visual c++ version 2), I get a whole load of
c4226 errors (non standard extension used '_export' is an obsolete keyword).

I was wondering whether anyone has managed to compile circle 3 on a similar
system, I'd like to avoid the hassle of installing linux if possible
(although this is probably a godd idea). Would upgrading visual c++ to v4 do
the trick? (I thought this was just a pretty interface).

Thanks in advance.



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